Engine Swap of the Day: BMW M21 Turbodiesel Into 1963 Ford Thunderbird!

You probably remember the Police Brutality BMW M70 V12-Powered '63 Thunderbird, which suffered from some teething problems on the track. If so, you'll be pleased to know that it now sports reliable German diesel power!


It's a simple recipe: one very rusty 1963 Thunderbird, one very ugly BMW 524td, and the trademark last-second thrash at the racetrack to get the whole mess working.


And they did get it working; a few hours into Saturday's race session, the turbodiesel T-Bird hit the track. It's actually fairly quick, though we all got a bit seasick watching the body roll in the turns. Does Police Brutality have a shot at that Index of Effluency trophy they've been coveting for race after race? Hell yes... if they can close the gap with the shockingly reliable Fiat 131S. Check in later to find out what happens!
Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.

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