Embarrassing ‘Spainish Grand Prix’ Typo Somehow Gets Painted On F1 Track

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Screenshot: McLaren F1 (Twitter)

Typos are bad and embarrassing. Why, the very website you are reading once called the then-GOP presidential nominee “Tump” in a headline. So we’re sympathetic to the particularly noticeable typo before this weekend’s Formula One race, designing a “#SpainishGP” logo that got painted across the race track. Then some poor souls had to paint over it.


The F1 Spanish Grand Prix is this weekend at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. The logo on the race track was going for an English version of the hashtag, since Google Translate even tried to correct “Spainish” as “Spanish” with the “detect language” feature on.

But that attempt miserably failed, and the internet didn’t take long to realize it. The logo showed up on Reddit and Twitter on Friday:

Not everyone noticed the spelling error, with someone posting a screenshot of the McLaren F1 Twitter account apparently giving everyone “a quick reminder of this weekend’s hashtag.” The tweet is no longer on the account.

Someone in charge finally noticed the error, and sent this poor team to paint over the masterpiece like it was never there.


And, as if if were never there, the #SpanishGP was no more. (As a side note, hopefully that paint dries lighter than it went on. Right now it looks like they scratched out a word in a school essay.)


We shouldn’t be too hard on the organizers who tried this one. They were just trying to appeal to the “hip” and “cool” millennials with their preference for “online streaming” over watching actual television. They really were trying.


It’s the thought that counts.

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