Trump Motorcade Gets Into Not-At-All Symbolic Car Crash

The Trump Motorcade, last week. Photo: AP
The Trump Motorcade, last week. Photo: AP

The Trump motorcade has already been involved in an accident and it is in no way shape or form symbolic for the state of affairs in the Republican Party or in this great country.


I assure you, this is by no means anything more than just a regular ordinary car crash involving humans and their vehicles, as CNN reports:

The vehicle that got hit was a staff car and everyone is fine. Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort said as much on CNN himself. On air he stated that that “everything is fine,” as Mediaite reports.

Trump himself made it to the airport alright, and is on his way from the scene of the actual car crash to the metaphorical car crash that is the Republican National Convention.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Christ, is every Gawker writer a liberal? Trump may not be perfect, there is no perfect candidate, but I’ll take my chances with him over Hillary.