Elon Says Tesla Pickup Truck Will Be Unveiled in 'November Most Likely'

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Elon Musk has been talking about building a Tesla pickup truck since late 2017, when he showed a mock-up of a novel cab-over type of pickup that is seemingly based on the Tesla Semi Truck, and, at least in the one rendering we keep seeing, is capable of carrying a full-size conventional pickup truck in its bed. Just a couple of days ago, Elon tweeted that the truck is likely to be shown in November.

So, how likely is this? Eeeeeeeh, well, if your plan was, come November, to not fill your lungs with air until Tesla officially shows their pickup truck, my guess its you’ll end up dead, or at least pass out.


If it does happen, great, there’s some interesting electric pickup competition already happening out there. I just hope it’s not actually based on the Tesla Semi, because that’d just be too damn big.

Do people really want to haul full-size pickups in their beds like in that picture? If so, how the hell are you supposed to get it in there? A crane? And if that’s a full-size pickup, this thing will be way, way too big to park.

I like the cabover part, I just hope it’s a reasonable size. If it shows up, at all, I mean.

I reached out to Tesla for comment; I’ll update when/if I hear back.

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Turning Jalopanese, the refreshing choice

It has to be that big. Twice a year I tow a 12-foot travel trailer.