The Tesla Semi-Truck Is Getting Put To Work

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Photo: CHP - Donner Pass (Facebook)
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Thes photos of a prototype Tesla semi-truck, posted on Facebook by a California Highway Patrol office, making the rounds today have got me more fired up than any of the Tesla parties or press releases I’ve seen. The truck’s finally definitely doing work and it’s very exciting to see.

I do find it slightly odd for the social media account of a law enforcement agency to make a statement like “electric trucks are definitely the future.” Then again, I guess the CHP deals with a lot of big trucks, so it’s probably more qualified than some to make commentary on the industry.


Regardless, it’s just really cool to see a mythical Tesla semi-truck not only in the wild, but being tested to its limits hauling heavy work. I reached out to Tesla to see if we could find out any more specifics about what kind of tests this particular truck was undergoing, and will update this post if they decide to share details.

Maybe next time the truck should try hauling an aquarium full of electric eels for an extra power boost.

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It’s not odd for the CHP, they won’t have to do emissions checks. So less work for them.

Last year they did a “random inspection” of a Tesla Semi for emissions and it passed with flying colors lol (cause there was nothing to check)