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Unlike, say, Chrysler's SRT or Ford's SVT — both wholly owned entities — Holden's HSV performance arm is a tieup between the GM division and an Scottish entrepreneur, Tom Walkinshaw. Now, Walkinshaw's taken over Australian roadster builder, Elfin, and he wants to blow it out to become Oz's version of Lotus. Elfin, if you'll recall, builds the MS8 Clubman and MS8 Streamliner, two GM-Holden LS2 V8-powered sportscars. Now, with the financial and sales-network muscle of Walkinshaw Group, the possibility for a more mainstream car line to complement its specialty cars, and left-drive models for the US, has suddenly become a real possibility. HSV-tuned cars in the US? Get thee to a container ship. [Thanks to David for the tip.]

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