Illustration for article titled Electric 72 Datsun Smokes Nissan GT-R With 10-Second Quarter-Mile

We've loved the White Zombie electric-powered '72 Datsun 1200 for a while. Now our appreciation's turned to infatuation after watching it school a Nissan GT-R with a 10.4-second quarter-mile pass. Holy electrons, Batman!

As you'll remember, the White Zombie is an old Datsun 1200 coupe equipped with RWD, a custom DC motor and a crap ton of batteries. It's previously run low 12s with a range of around 50 miles. Now it's tied to a new set of Dow/Kokam lithium polymer batteries and it's putting down a record 10.4-second quarter-mile with an estimated range near 100 mile. It'll also do 0-to-60 MPH in an estimated 1.8 seconds. This is Bugatti Veyron fast in a tiny old Datsun.


The White Zombie is still a work in progress, but for the moment it's already the fastest street legal electric car in the world. Green can be fun. Green can be very, very fun. (Hat tip to Daniel!)

[PluginCars via NISMO Stuff]

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