Yesterday, we got introduced to the Circuit des 24 Heures by the fantastic John Hindhaugh, and after getting passed by Mark Webber on a bicycle, we had to make a stop at Loic Duval's crash scene. Shattered fragments of his car were still on the tarmac.

We talked to Allan McNish soon after getting back from the track, and while they still don't know exactly what happened to the Number 1 car at the Porsche Curves, on thing is for sure: Roughly zero parts of it could be reused after such a massive impact.


After making sure Duval was okay, they couldn't sleep much. A Nr. 1 had to be built from scratch for the qualifying on Thursday.

They've done it, and while calling a car a "rebuild" after using a replacement tub and all new parts might sound like bit of a stretch, the other two cars get completely stripped and rebuilt as well after each session. No leftovers here.

While we wait for a video of the crash to surface (if there's any), here our my shots from the scene in chronological order. Where you see the tarmac missing is where Duval's then wheelless Audi plowed through at speeds you don't want to imagine...

This circuit is much tighter than on video. The tiniest error, and it's the wall.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik