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It's not exactly a design concept (considering it has no body and very large breath mints for wheels), but Land Rover's latest prototype is loaded with meaning. The company calls it the Land_e (get it, Landie. C'mon.), and it's meant to show off an integrated system of technologies that will undergird its next generation of on-road (mostly) off-roaders. The company says the systems — known collectively as e-Terrain — will improve the vehicles' performance, make them more fuel efficient (with up to 30 percent greater fuel efficiency) and give them a less obtrusive environmental footprint (i.e., less emissions). What are these magical technologies? Glad you asked:

· Integrated Electric Rear Axle Drive
· ISG Integrated Starter-Generator
· Innovative Propshaft with Seamless Re-connect
· Terrain Response e-Mode
· Bio-diesel capability
· ITP Intelligent Thermal Programme
· EPAS Electric Power Assisted Steering
· IMES Intelligent Management of Electrical Systems

Um, ok. From what we gather by the display, it involves lots of LEDs that flicker in patterns designed to simulate motion, which as you know, signal that really important stuff is going on.

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