Driver Faces Charges After Tesla Model S Goes Airborne

Gif: Barrie Today (YouTube)

Security footage captured a Tesla Model S getting an incredible amount of air after speeding over railroad tracks in Barrie, Ontario yesterday. The car lost control on landing, and crashed into the parking lot of an elementary school. The driver was reportedly charged with dangerous driving.

According to Barrie Today, the 46-year-old driver and passenger were treated for minor injuries after crash-landing the massive jump, and the driver was arrested. An investigation reported the car went airborne over railroad tracks and came down in the oncoming lane 100 feet away before crashing into a tree.


The multiple angles of the video show the car was going pretty damn fast, and the local police put out a few words of discouragement on Twitter:

Yes, it may look “cool,” as the Youths of today say with their slang, but please do not “jump” your “Tesla.” You may not “stick” the “landing” and then “hit” “a” “child” “on” “the” “side” “of” “the” “road.”

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