Double-Rad DAF TurboTwin X1 Video!

We're rue to post this clip as the weirdo editing almost makes it a snuff film, but the mind-boggling majestic-ness of the 2,400hp twin-engined DAF over-taking a Peugeot 205 in open-desert trumps all niggling concerns. Seriously, imagine you are an eleven-year-old Bedouin girl tending to the camels when suddenly one of these massive motherfuckers jumps the dune, belching black smoke. I mean... totally fricking amazing. Watch with respect. Apologies in advance for the crap 80s soundtrack. [Thanks to pollux111 for the tip]

Double-Radder Than Anything You Could Possibly Imagine: The DAF Turbo Twin II!!! [Internal]

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The editing was perfect and the soundtrack was perfect, too. Bad ass 80s supertruck plus bad ass 80s Depeche Mode equals bad ass 80s bad assness.

Michael Bay should listen to JeffStAubin.