Illustration for article titled Does The Fiat Brand Have a Hope In Hell Of Succeeding In North America?

So the new masters of Chrysler will be bringing their sporty little European machine to these shores... but can they overcome the terrible "Fix It Again, Tony" image the 124, 128, Strada, and X1/9 established a generation ago?


Even those Americans and Canadians too young to remember brand-new Bravas sputtering to a halt in the fast lane during rush hour or 128s rusting into a vaguely car-shaped red stain on the pavement have heard the tales of horribly unreliable Malaise Era Fiats from the old folks; hell, my parents had two 128s back in the day, both of which broke down constantly and croaked at about age four. Allegedly, Fiats are pretty good cars these days, but will we ever believe it?


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