Dodge Circuit EV To Shock Detroit Auto Show

The re-badged Lotus toy Chrysler plans to bring to the Detroit Auto Show this weekend is called the Dodge Circuit EV. Whether it'll get a red bandanna tied around a side mirror is anyone's guess.


Chrysler's legal team has "leaked" the name of the restyled Dodge EV coming to Detroit by way of the US Patent and Trademark Office. It's the Dodge Circuit. The electric vehicle is a re-badged Lotus toy they let certain journalists drive a few months back to show the world they're a real, live automaker with real, live electric vehicles.

We've seen pictures of the car and have some in our possession, but we've graciously decided at this time not to run them. We've even been kind enough to snatch up two domain names to make sure poachers don't get their filthy hands on them — and We look at it as a community service initiative — we just want to do our part since we now partially own Chrysler via our tax dollars. Don't worry guys, we'll hold onto the domains until your PR team asks us nicely for them — and we'll even give them to y'all at no charge. Again, we're doing our part. Just remember, we like flowers. Pretty ones.

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