2010 Dodge EV

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Chrysler shocked us in September with an electric program appearing from nowhere. The centerpiece was the Dodge EV — a plug-in electric sportscar. Sources tell us the little electric's been caught testing around Detroit sporting some fascia changes. We've asked KORSdesign to provide us with a gallery of illustrations of what the Lotus-derived EV looks like with out the camouflage below the jump.


If it hadn’t been sporting the huge Dodge graphics, we could have easily mistaken this for a Lotus Europa; which it really is, yet isn’t. Seriously though, which is it? Chrysler feels your pain (and lots of its own) and has fortunately taken the time to give the little EV a recognizable face comprised of the signature Dodge cross-hair grille, a pair of foglamps and unique headlamps. We expect the Dodge EV to take inspiration from the 2007 Dodge Demon concept in its front-end styling and remain virtually unchanged in its side profile. Fortunately for Chrysler, the Europa somehow managed to resemble a Dodge from the rear, so we’re not expecting any changes from the original Lotus design of the tush-end.

Will this piece of putative vaporware actually make it to production? We can’t say. Given Chrysler’s current financial situation, we don’t think a two-seat electric sports car is the best plan for a Pentastar that, given a few months time, could be Penta-gone.



Anyone else sick of the dodge 'cross hairs' style front end besides me?