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Chrysler may want to give the new Dodge Dart a well-accessorized introduction, but other product lines are getting some welcome Mopar-style attention as well. The only problem is that the best part on display for the Charger Redline 426 is the one you're not really allowed to use.


As with the Mopar sets for the Dart GTS 210 Tribute, "Stage One" is purely cosmetic, made up mostly of carbon fiber aero add-ons and a few interior dress pieces. "Stage Two" for the Charger comprises a low-backpressure exhaust system, strut tower brace, and race-quality brake pads.

"Stage Three" brings the real story: a handbuilt aluminum-block Gen III 426 Hemi V8 that features a high-lift roller camshaft, forged crank, and 11:1 compression. Valvetrain tie bars and a windage tray in the oil pan help keep everything where it should regardless of revs or side loads. The whole works puts out a claimed 590 horsepower.

Sadly, this vintage beast of an engine falls squarely in the forbidden-fruit category, being discreetly tagged as "for race/off-road use only." While this is a godsend for the restomod crowd, it's a bit of a bummer for the few who need nearly 600-hp in their daily driver Dodge sedan.


Hopefully that exhaust system will offer some consolation to the deprived.

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