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Most people who love to drive and have something sportier than a Ford Taurus love to make a point of switching off the electronic nanny, whether in the guise of old-fashioned ESC or the form of some other acronym. And, while this may be appropriate if you're about to do a burnout or you're in the middle of a spin-out contest, there's an argument to be made as to whether or not you're better or worse than the system itself. There's much visceral appeal to seeing the "ESC OFF" button light up on the dash, but are you actually going to drive better with it off? Toby over at makes the point that there are things ESC can do that you cannot. Specifically, you can't control which wheels you want to brake and which ones you want to keep spinning. There's also a difference between the kind of nanny that exists on your average minivan or SUV, and the sportier modes found on newer performance cars that allow you to push the cars closer to the edge without flying off the track. Wes reckoned that he was faster in the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V with the sporty ESC mode engaged. Personally, most of us have had the experience of underestimating physics only to have that yellow light blink on and save us from the brink. Electronic stability control and other nanny systems vary from car-to-car, so by asking this question we're asking, in vehicles you've owned or driven, are you better? Which ones are worse than you and in which ones are you superior? Do you really think you can drive better than ESC? [Source:]

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