Do You Have What It Takes To Be A British Secret Service Agent? Take This Test

MI6 has a French agent being chased by five enemy operatives. Her only chance of survival is you, and your only method of communication is a command line chat window. Can you somehow guide her away from danger and capture the enemy operatives for interrogation?

If you succeed, maybe you have what it takes to serve Her Majesty as an MI6 agent. You can bloody well try it out right here, courtesy of the people cleverly doing press for Skyfall — the new James Bond flick.


I'm not so sure I have the stuff to work for MI6, unless the "manipulative and reckless" evaluation I got in my followup email are deemed good qualities at the Circus.

Go ahead; give it a try yourself. If you're quick on your toes, maybe you can help the agent escape without blowing up enemy operatives your boss wants to question. But that's ok. You get five attempts to complete the same mission, so if you let the bad guys/your agent get killed once or twice it's no biggie.


But honestly, my MI6 bosses probably wouldn't want me to capture the enemy operatives. I'd just tell the French agent to pull out their finger nails with battery cables or something, and then (if she's hot) have her come over to my house for a night of vodka cocktails and bad decisions. The namesh Preshton, Ben Preshton.

Photo credit: Fandango Groovers; Sony Corporation

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