Watch James Bond Be An Awesome Badass For The Entire Skyfall Trailer

James Bond is back, and Skyfall looks like it's going to be pretty awesome. Anything that starts off with the world's greatest secret agent getting shot in the chest has our undivided attention.

Are there cars? Yes. Are there boats? Hellz yeah. What about a backhoe destroying a train? Of course, this isn't amateur hour. Are there subways crashing through buildings? You bet your ass there are subways crashing through buildings!

It even looks like Bond is getting back some of his gadget swagger...Q is back and far younger than you can possibly imagine. Maybe he'll even turn a car into a submarine soon.


The nearly three minutes of Jaguar chases, motorcycle crashes, and Bond in an impeccable suit have us more excited for a Bond film than we've been in a long time.

Bring it on.

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Sean Connery's car.