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As we have been for a few weeks now, Murilee and I were discussing exactly what car we're going to run and win with at next year's 24 Hours of LeMons. We're going to keep our current top choice secret for now (no, you won't be able to figure it out — stop trying) but I can tell you that our back up is an early 90s police Crown Vic. However, Murilee keeps yammering on and on about how great the CRXs did at LeMons. Then the del Sol came up and he mentioned how much he hated it because it replaced the CRX. I had no such feelings as the one guy I knew with a CRX was an asshole and my head is filled with great college memories of being chauffeured around in a topless del Sol with my then girlfriend planted on my lap. Plus, in 1994 Honda fit their B-series VTEC into the oddball little roadster, giving the car 160 hp. And they really handled, even better than the CRX. What's not to love? But how do you feel?



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