Now, we've seen some incredibly dated ads in the Classic Ad Watch series, but this one pitching Pioneer stereos may well be more of its time than anything yet. We've got all the elements: the 80s vision of the 50s vision of babe-itude, the drum-machine/synth theme song, cassettes and CDs, and a yuppie cokefiend in a Porsche. But maybe this ad gets out-Eightied by one of the others in the series; jump like Adnan Khashoggi's henchmen tossing a crate of Ollie North-authorized grenade launchers into an Iran-bound cargo plane to vote on this burning issue!


1985 IROC-Z Camaro

1983 Chrysler E Series

1985 Vauxhall Nova

1986 Chevrolet Camaro

1983 Pontiac Trans Am

Yes, yes, we know- most of the ads are for 3rd-gen GM F-bodies. Hey, that's the 80s for you (and the Super Potential Starion ad got pulled from YouTube)!

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