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Well, from what we've seen of the next variant Mustang from FoMoCo from the time spent at the "Showcase of the Future" event at the end of last year, it's certainly going to look like a hot little green stallion (obvs not the same as the one above). Unfortunately, as the horse whisperers over at Mustang Evolution found out, the horsepower's nothing for Steve McQueen to write home about. We're talking 312 colts under the hood of that pony. That means if Mustang Evolution's numbers are correct, if we were to reenact the chase scene at the end of Bullitt with McQueen driving the new Bullitt edition versus a new Dodge Charger with the 5.7-liter Hemi engine (much less the SRT8's big 6.1-liter), the scene should still have ended differently than it did in the movie β€” the Charger was and still is a much more powerful vehicle. Of course we're probably missing some extra "umph" generated by the sheer manliness of McQueen that allowed him to handily beat the baddies in the Charger but we're still not exactly clear on what the exact conversion is between manliness and horsepower. Full details on the leaked information below the jump.

* FR Power Pack Estimated 312HP

* Shock/Strut Tuning

* Strut Tower Brace

* Upgraded Steering System

* Red Brake Calipers

* 3:73 Axle Ratio

* X-Pipe Exhaust w/Bright Exhaust Tips

* Unique Sport Seating

* Unique Sill Plate

* Bright Metal Trim & Unique Shifter

* Available In Highland Green Or Black

* Unique Grill V6 Style (w/o Fog Lamps)

* Rear Faux Gas Cap w/Bullitt Logo

* Cap Surround Painted Charcoal Gray

* 18β€³ Bullitt Style Wheel

* Red Brake Calipers


* Program Length: 6 Months

* Total Volume: 7,000 US, 700 Canada

* Allocation TBD

2008 Bullitt Mustang Specs Leaked [Mustang Evolution]

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