DeLorean To Help Mom Throw Amazing Back To The Future Birthday Party

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Yesterday, we told you about one Russian mother who was working to make her Back to the Future DeLorean-obsessed son's seventh birthday truly amazing. She's already gotten Russia's only two DeLoreans to commit to coming and has gotten him a flux capacitor and some awesome cakes.


But now the real DeLorean company is stepping in to make the day even more special and the story of how the company's vice president came to love the car speaks to all that's the best about car culture.

Illustration for article titled DeLorean To Help Mom Throw Amazing iBack To The Future/i Birthday Party

Late last night, we received an email from Natalia, the mother, with a screenshot in it. She said she was overwhelmed by the response she had received since the story was had been published earlier that day. But she said she was "pinching herself" and wanted to know was if one email she received was real.

James Espey is a vice president at the reincarnated DeLorean Motor Company, who is selling used cars as well as building practically new models for sale. We sent James an email this morning to find out what inspired him to get involved and to send little Seva some gifts for his birthday.


First off, James said "we're not a large company on the scale of GM (or even a Lotus or Spyker) so we don't have the resources or staff to do this kind of thing for as many requests as we get."

But this case struck a very personal chord with James. "My Mom always supported my interest in DeLoreans (and cars in general) when I was a kid," James told us.


"I remember being 15 when the DeLorean came out and my mom took me around to each of the three dealers in St. Louis to see as many of them as I could." So much like how Natalia is getting together DeLoreans for her son's birthday, James' mother made sure that he could spend as much time with these cars as he could when he was younger.

James definitely sees some of his own mother in Natalia. He said that he'll "send some posters, brochures, keychain, hot wheels, etc. Probably throw something in for his mom, too." Sounds like a pretty cool gesture to nurture the obsession of a possible future customer. That's business done right.


While we hear about so many negative things in the auto industry, it's nice to hear about one auto company stepping up to make a young fan's day.

Photo Credit: Whitney Padgett

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