Dear Aston Martin Driver: Prepare To Be Internet-Shamed Over This Asshat Parking Job

Here was my thought process as I drove around parking lot of the Kerbey Lane in North Austin yesterday:

"Hmm, yes, looking for parking, looking for parking... driving up and down the aisles... driving, driving, driving... oh look, there's an open space OH WAIT NO IT'S BEING TAKEN UP BY AN ASTON MARTIN THAT PARKED DIAGONALLY ACROSS TWO SPACES. THAT'S JUST GREAT."


Listen, we may have joked about what cars would make us park like asshats a couple weeks ago, but I need to reiterate that in real life, this kind of shit is not okay.

Unfortunately this Aston Martin didn't have any front plates, so it's hard for us to identify them. But if you know who it is, shake your fist at them the next time you see them on the road.

Commence the Internet shaming!

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