Dealers Shown Ford F-150 "Raptor" With SVT Badge, Told To "Drive Directly Up Toyota's Ass"

Illustration for article titled Dealers Shown Ford F-150 "Raptor" With SVT Badge, Told To "Drive Directly Up Toyota's Ass"

Oh yeah, baby, it's on. Details on the expected off-road edition — the so-called "Ford F-150 Raptor" are beginning to leak out of Ford's dealer product preview currently underway in Las Vegas (that's gotta be a sober get together). Apparently the blue oval boys are pretty excited about the pending master of the off-road, showing off a shot to the assembled sales folk. They're even going so far as calling it the first Baja 1000 truck you can buy right off the show floor. Our friends at and Four Wheeler tell us the word on the street is the new power truck will find a 6.2-liter V8 under the hood good for 380 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque, an SVT badge on the tailgate and the word "Ford" on the front grille. That's right, no blue oval for this set-for-Baja bad-boy. But more than just the details on the new "Raptor" F-150 was the quote given to dealers about what they'd like to see them do with the soon-to-be-revealed off-road ready truck:

"[Ford's] going to drive this [and other vehicles shown to Ford dealers] right up Toyota's ass."


Oh yeah baby, it's definitely on. We love a good automaker mud fight in the morning — even if it's about trucks.


Rob Emslie

@Preferredcustomer: I agree with you regarding product, however I think that Ford has some decent products, but the brand has been tainted by years of mediocre cars and crappy promotion and marketing. I think that the company getting electrified and strategic leaks of details like this and the 2010 Taurus earlier this week start to get a buzz on. Ford needs to get on people's radar so they start to consider them again. Right now I think most people discount Ford due to standing opinions that may not be rooted in fact.