Dealer Dollars: Chrysler Gives Dealers Incentive, But Will They Give It To You?

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The 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's already shown a penchant for descent down the slippery sales ladder of incentives without saying they're incentives. Hell, maybe they're just lying to themselves. Whether they're telling the truth or just truthiness, the Detroit News is reporting today the chieftains in the sales and marketing team run by Joe "Direct Mail" Eberhardt have instituted a plan where they're giving dealers anywhere from $2,500 (on the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300) to $7,000 (on the Dodge Ram and Durango) for 2006 models. Why the need? Well, even though the kids in Auburn Hills have cut inventories from the highs of 647,000 vehicles in July to 499,000 reported yesterday for November, '06 models still account for 32% of current inventory. That's a lot of "old" model year cars and trucks to try to be shipping out the dealer doors n' lots. But, that means...


...if you're in the market for a new vehicle and you're willing to take the 2006 model — you'll be able to get a helluva deal from your dealer. That is, if your dealer's looking to share that money — because anything not used out of the unadvertised "dealer incentive" goes right back into their pockets. That means there's now a good way to see if your Chrysler Group dealer's playing you a fair deal, or just playing you.

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