Breaking! Whoa, Joe Shows Chrysler Group Sales That Don't Blow — DCX Up 4.7%, Beats Ford

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The German-American hybrid saw US sales increase this month by 4.7%, selling 186,635 vehicles, which represents a 21% jump from the Mercedes unit and — Holy Joe! — a jump of 2.9% at the 'merican side of the company, the Chrysler Group. Whoa! Joe Eberhardt, the sales and marketing chief in Auburn Hills totally knows Chrysler Group sales in November. But the real big news is that the big cross-Atlantic merger of equals beat cross-town rivals FoMoCo to jump from 4th biggest automaker in sales for November to 3rd. True, we hear that they both got spanked by ToMoCo — but whatevs — it must have been all those incentives that direct mail they've been doing.


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