David Johansen is Making Out With ParanoidAndroid07

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We really thought the Loverman would nail this one, but apparently, commenter ParanoidAndroid07's taste in experimental rock ranges beyond mopey Brit-types and into at-all-costs San Pedro corndogs obsessed with politics, poetry and brevity. Here's the winning comment: "Because it is the Daihatsu Boon and has a D on it. D Boon." Now, Android, all you have to do is find David Johansen, tell him that you heard he was looking for a kiss and that Jalopnik sent you. Good job, son. As Lance Hahn of J Church once sung, "It's my turn to play a tape. I feel like hearing the Minutemen. 'Cause everything old is new again."

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The Driver

Maybe this could inspire other car companies to release special edition models inspired by people who died in car accidents. Porsche-James Dean. Jane Mansfield-LA Chop-Rods. Sam Kinison-Pontiac. Ok, that was stupid. Sorry. (the Mansfield thing is a little funny.)