Daryl Hannah's Biodiesel El Camino For Sale, Our Heads Explode

While someone named Daryl selling an El Camino isn't usually news, it is when it's Daryl Hannah's matte black Biodiesel El Camino. World colliding man. Worlds colliding. The Chi-town native, actress and environmentalist will gladly sell you this factory diesel bio-conversion, along with the "fueling station" (read: storage drum and filter) and a guide to finding biodiesel in your area. WANT! It goes on sale later this month, but no price yet. Oh, and she's also selling a biod "ranch biobeast" for the low price of $14,999. Full pics and spelling error-filled details below (we're not hating, in fact we think her spelling matte black "matt black" is a sign she secretly likes us):


The El Camino

special secret surprise!!!
the baddest assest biodiesel "el camino" ever
with your own b100 biodiesel pump + station!!!

uh huh...
that's right...
the original black beauty biodiesel el camino
run on b100 sustainably sourced biodiesel
this super stealth flat matt black el camino hasn't seen a lick of petroleum + has been my daily driver 4 several years
one of the few diesel el caminos ever made
factory diesels r super hard 2 find
(they only made a few hundred in 83' +84')
it's fully smoked + tinted by a custom shop
it gets pretty decent gas mileage cause it's not so heavy
5.7l gm diesel, automatic, cruise control ac, pb, ps,
139,000 miles
i love it soo much + I wanna share the love
(u know i'll find another one 4 myself)
it comes with a basic oh so easy home fueling station -
if you have room 4 a trash can - you have room 4 your own gas station!
easy instructions included
a 55 gallon super lightweight storage drum - a hand pump + filter
with unique quick release fittings that take the hassle out of threading etc.
so easy I can do it myself all dressed up + no mess
we'll give you a resource guide 2 finding the most sustainable b100 biodiesel source near you!

2 see more about bio-diesel + the el camino -
(go 2 dhlovelife bio-diesel vlog#1)


so get up and get off the fossil fuels!!!
Sale info will be posted on Dec. 20th. Keep you eyes open!

The Ranch BioBeast

ranch bio-beast!!!
meet tomcar....
isn't he cute?
this tough buddy will + can do almost anything you need on the ranch
a sandrail (think baja 1000), mule hybrid
the tomcar is workhorse extraodinaire
+ it runs on b100 biodiesel
(sustainably sourced - the only kind we like )!!!


25 mpg - up to 250 miles fuel range
(with optional 2nd tank).
the highest safety profile - like a roll cage on wheels
designed for 300hp but powered by 35...
seamless frame + roll cage welded as one unit.
safety fuel tanks, racing regulation 4 point seat belts.
very low center of gravity
+ long suspension travel makes the tomcar extremely safe 2 drive
for all skill levels
towing capacity - 2500 lb, up to 100% cargo payload (on TM5 models).
3 cyl turbo diesel running on b100!

street legal (low speed vehicle)
built to do the toughest jobs ever imaginable
+ made in the u.s.


(h/t to Rafael) [Camino & Ranch Beast]

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