My experience at Mini's Miles Ahead Performance Motoring School at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was one of the highlights of my year. Of course it was — what gearhead doesn't want to go to a driving school, where they learn how to fling cars around racetracks under the watchful eye of pro drivers?

The good news is there are a ton of options if you want to attend a driving school. But as reader ClevelandInKorea pointed out, there doesn't seem to be a big list anywhere that includes every school in the U.S. and their prices.

I'd like to fix that, and I need your help. Can we list every driving school in America in this post? I think so, and I'll do a few obvious ones to get started.

If you want to join in, please post a comment that includes the name of the school, its location, and its price tag. And if you've participated before, let us know what it was like. Remember, we're talking about on- and off-road performance schools, not driver's ed programs. Those are boring. These are fun.


Driving school all the things!

Photo credit Mercedes AMG