Perhaps it’s just coincidence, perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was a clever positioning campaign on behalf of Mitsubishi Fuso and Daimler, but the truck company has debuted a new electric cargo truck with a 217-mile range just a day before Tesla was initially scheduled to show of its new semi.

The E-Fuso Vision One debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show sporting a modern twist on the classic utility truck look we all likely already associate with Japan and Europe. The new electric heavy-duty truck joins the recently revealed electric light-duty truck from Mitsubishi Fuso—a subsidiary company of Daimler’s truck division.

The new heavy-duty E-Fuso Vision One sports a 300 kWh-capacity battery in its top configuration, which Daimler claims should be enough to reach the claimed maximum range with a payload capacity of 11 tons. The company also expects that some major markets, like Europe and Japan, should have the charging infrastructure necessary to satisfy any early-adopters for its new truck when it goes on sale.

There wasn’t any mention of whether or not the North American market is suitable for the E-Fuso Vision One (though it looks like that’s NYC in the background of these photos), so maybe Tesla doesn’t have all that much to worry about when it might finally show off its semi-truck next month.