Custom amphibious vehicle on Ebay is more functional than you would expect

Ever wanted your own amphibious vehicle, but lack the time, resources, and skill to build one of your own? If you answered yes you're in luck, someone has decided to part with their already built and water tested custom amphibian. It's called the H2-0, and not only is it proven off road and in the water, it's currently on Ebay.


Here at Jalopnik we have seen our fair share of amphibious vehicles over the years. We've seen amphibious vehicles built for speed, amphibious vehicles built as a passenger mover of the future and an amphibious vehicle whose primary purpose was wasting the builder's money, among many others. Whether or not these vehicles are actually functional in the water, they are always expensive.

While this H2-0 amphibian isn't exactly an exception to the high dollar amphibious vehicle trend, the price isn't outrageous. Perhaps more importantly than price, one look at the H2-0 inspires more confidence in the vehicle's real world dual purpose capability than many of the other amphibians we've seen.


While the design of the H2-0 is loosely patterned after the DUKW "Duck Boats" built during World War II, underneath the decades old styling this amphibian is all modern. The 2.7 liter Isuzu Diesel engine is just the beginning of the modern touches on this amphibian. The roof features solar panels to maintain and extra battery. You can monitor the bilge system by camera from the touch screen multimedia system in the center console. If things get warm on the water or off-road, not to worry: the H2-0 is fully air conditioned.

Don't let all of these gadgets fool you into thinking this amphibian is just a high dollar show piece, the H2-0 is a fully functional off road/in water vehicle. As the seller points out the H2-0 "is not a vehicle made to look good in somebody's warehouse, but rather a vehicle made to be used and enjoyed every day, in many types of situations and terrain." In its current form the H2-0 is "excellent running and swimming condition."


Although we know these modern touches in a functional package come at a price, we aren't exactly sure what that price is. There is currently a $50,000 bid on the H2-0 with over 3 days left on the auction. The reserve isn't met and beyond a brief reference to the high expense of building the H2-0 in the listing, there is little indication given to how much money the seller is actually looking for.


If we were in the high dollar amphibious vehicle market, it would seem the H2-0 is a bargain for anything under $80,000. Sure the price is high, but the novelty is worth it, at least until buying a brand new truck and decent sized boat become easily possible for the same price. Now that you've heard a bit about this amphibian, what do you think is the proper price for this H2-0?


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