Corvette-Powered Python: Fastest Amphibious Vehicle Ever

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With the front-end of a truck and the rear-end from a Corvette, the Python amphibious vehicle can go 60 MPH on the water, making it the fastest amphibious vehicle ever. Photos and details below.

According to the company, the vehicle is capable of a mid-12 quarter-mile run and a 4.5-second jaunt to 60 MPH. This makes it relatively unparalleled in terms of amphibious watercraft. On the other hand, the offer of land speed only over 100 MPH isn't particularly impressive.

The Pyhtons appear to be built on a Dodge truck platform with a custom fiberglass body mimicking the Corvette in back, though we're not 100% sure. Each rolling platform uses 304 stainless steel for the frame and is designed to raise the wheels with a push of a button. You can have any LS-series engine you want assuming you can pay for it, meaning it's possible to crate an LS9 in one of these for the ultimate ZR1 boat. For the water it's powered by a Dominator Jet.


Prices start at $170K for the rolling chassis and over $200K if you want a Corvette-powered, fully assembled boat. We're guessing the LS9 is going to cost much more than that. Check it out in action below:

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