What the what? Lamborghini, you sure are great at surprises. First there was the stunning Veneno that showed up unexpectedly at the Geneva Motor Show, and now there's this.

A contributor to Luxury & Supercar Weekend just posted this photo from the Lamborghini 50th anniversary celebration in Sant'Agata Bolognese. The thing is, we have next to no details about the car, except what was just posted on Facebook. On Twitter, it's being called the Lamborghini Ecosta by most people, although our source called it the Ecosita.

They say the car is a concept created for a movie called Ecosita (or maybe Ecosta) that is supposedly due out later this year. I'm skeptical because I couldn't find any mentions of the film on the Internet or on IMDB, so we'll see.

While we don't know what this car's deal is yet, we're eager to find out and will keep an eye out for new photos and information. At any rate, it doesn't look like anything we've seen before.


Naturally, it has the kind of conservative, understated design we've come to expect from Lamborghini.

Update: More details are streaming in on Twitter via folks who are at the event:



Update 2: It's called the Lamborghini Egoista. More details here.

Photo credit Luxury & Supercar Weekend. Used with permission.