The Lamborghini Egoista Only Needs One Seat To Be Amazing

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The supercar concept unveiled by Lamborghini at their 50th birthday party tonight has an official name: the Lamborghini Egoista, which literally means "selfish" in Italian. Seriously. I am not joking.

A few of you commenters pointed out in the earlier story that the name was probably "Egoista", and you turned out to be right, contrary to early reports on Twitter and Facebook that called it "Ecosta" or "Ecosita."

So why is it for selfish people? Because it only has one seat, that's why.

You know how the McLaren F1 had three seats? This has two less than that.

According to the Italian-only (for now) press release we were sent, the car has aviation-inspired styling with a ton of carbon fiber and a 5.2-liter V10 engine. Here's what designer Walter De Silva said, translated from Italian:

"This is a car ... made for a single person, to have fun and to express own personality to the Nth degree. And designed just for an audience who just wants things ipersofisticato most extreme and the most special in the world. Represents the extremes of hedonism, is a car without compromise, in a word: selfish. "


The translation is a bit clunky, but we get what he means.

Lamborghini also said that the one-seat cockpit is designed to mimic that of the Apache helicopter, and is a separate unit that can detach from the car itself. No details yet on how that will work exactly, and still no word on whether this is a concept for some upcoming car or just a one-off, but I hope we find out soon.

Photo credit Lamborghini; Hat tip to Shmee150!