Could This Be The Greatest Terrible Car Ever Made?

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It's big, it boasts a body designed by the Italian design house responsible for the Maserati 5000 GT and Alpine A106, and it packed Buick V8 power under its vast hood. And, uh, mumble mumble Lucas Electrics mumble mumble.


Welcome to the Leyland P76, an Early Malaise Era attempt by British Leyland's Australian division to compete with the big, rubber-burnin', trailer-haulin', V8-powered Down Under offerings of Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Did it sell as well as Holden Kingswoods and Chrysler Valiants? What do you think? Fine, so the P76 didn't sell like crazy… but just look at it!

Chrysler fanatics have Allpar, Citroën lovers haunt the countless pages of Citroenet, and those who prefer the products of British Leyland's endgame years… believe it or not, they've got a heavy-duty, super-authoritative site as well! I speak, of course, of Austin Rover Online, to which I was hipped by none other than Ate Up With Motor. Jump over there, kangaroo-style, and read up on the P76!
[Austin Rover Online: P76 History, P76 Road Test]


The window coverings in the photo don't help the car's appearance at all.

This was a controversial film that angered Leyland P76's fans.