Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

You'd think that being a hunter, Ted Nugent would paint his truck like a predator, and not, as is the case with our Nice Price or Crack Pipe Bronco, like prey. It's present owner is hunting down a buyer, and he better pray you like how he has priced Ted's truck.

You all are familiar with Ted Nugent are you not? The former Motor City Madman, Wango Tangoist, and present-day raconteur of right wing philosophy, Ted is also an avid bow hunter. The dude's a total renaissance man's man.

Now, a lot of people hate Nugent for his history of racist hate-mongering, his unmitigated pride in being a draft dodger, and that fucking annoying granny merkin he wears on his chin. Alternatively, a sizable group love him for just those freedom affirming attributes, as well as his music, which is still occasionally played on classic rock stations across the nation.

I'm not interested in dredging up how great or horrible a person Nugent is based on these factors. Instead, I want to talk about his affinity for the outdoors. Ted likes to be in the bush, and to kill and eat the things that live there. He does this with a bow and arrow. How does one get deep, deep, deep in the bush? Why in a Bush Master of course.


Today's 1979 Ford Bronco is claimed to be the first in a series of off-roaders so anointed by Ted, and carries his autograph on its glovebox door. Take that all you lefty liberals who questioned Nugent's ability to write!

There have been other Broncos modded for Ted, notably by Stacy David, but this one is apparently the first, having been Zebra'd-out in 1999 after 20 years of Nugent ownership. The zebra stripes aren't the only mods made to this Bronco, there are also what the ad describes as '…several of lights and switches that make this bronco one of a kind.' How awesome is that?


Power for the big beast comes from a 400-cid V8 and it sports an automatic transmission. There's also a necker's knob on the steering wheel. Eeew. Huge swamper tires roll under a significant lift so future owners rocking this truck will need to ensure they are not acrophobic. The ad notes that the 42K-mile truck runs 'like a dream.'

Ted is a polarizing person these days, and either you love him or you hate both him and his soul patch. His truck however, is pretty cool and still shows a laudable support for MADD- and no that's not Mothers Advocating Diddling of Daughters. Is however, this autographed auto worth $25,000?


That's a sizable chunk lower than the thirty grand for which it was advertised a while back, but it's still a lot to pay for a '79 Bronco, no matter how many light switches it has. What's your take on that price for Ted's former Bronco, is that a deal? Or, does $25,000 put a stranglehold on the chances of this truck getting sold?

You decide!


Toledo Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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