Could Nissan's Detroit Sports Sedan Concept Be A Datsun 510 Revival?

Illustration for article titled Could Nissan's Detroit Sports Sedan Concept Be A Datsun 510 Revival?

Either Nissan really needs to invest in some lights for their photography studio, or they just like being all emo about their upcoming cars, because they've just shown another barely-lit shot of their Detroit Auto Show concept. It appears to be a new sport/sedan concept.


I've actually seen this before, or at least the side of it, at the Nissan 360 event earlier this year. Now we get to see a little 0f the front! And it's got Nissan's now family squared-V shaped chrome grille surround and some very stylized headlights.

We could speculate (diesel, rear-engine, with integrated Urine Containment System) but we'll see the thing in a couple weeks in Detroit, anyway. Also, we have Nissan's predictably breathless press release, which states

The Sport Sedan Concept previews a new energetic design direction that amplifies Nissan's legendary approach of applying sports car principles to a sedan. The IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO's innovative, eye-catching designs offer two different approaches to a next-generation compact vehicle – one expressing a casual, lifestyle-focused vision and the other an ultra-sporty design that looks as if it came directly from a driving video game.

I can't think of any manufacturer that isn't currently "applying sports car principles to a sedan" but it's never a bad idea. And, while I certainly seek out anything "lifestyle-focused," like my toothbrush and hemmorhoid creams are, I do think they should be careful when comparing their designs to "a driving video game," since that's a pretty big spectrum.


Anyway, we'll cover this more when we see it in Detroit.



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