Could Fisker Save Lincoln?

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Nobody seem to know what to do with Lincoln, which is just getting over its amazingly dull Superbowl ad failure. What if they merged with another totally-screwed carmaker, Fisker?


In the car industry, it's not rare for two struggling automakers to have a merger in the hopes of finally meeting success. Packard merging with Studebaker. Nash and Hudson. The entirety of the British car industry.

Maybe that's where reader IFTNFS got his idea for Lincoln to merge with Fisker when we brought up how Ford has just about everything right these days except for Lincoln.

Ford should take their record profits, purchase Fisker, and use the Karma as a base for a distinctive, svelte, technologically advanced LINCOLN.

The article a few days ago about the '65 Continental really got me thinking. The '61 Continental led a whole new styling direction for the industry, and it represented a different way of doing things. It stood out. It was sexy. It was classy. And it would have given me a crisis as a 2-door.

The Karma has everything that Lincoln needs - technology, exclusivity, distinctive styling, sex appeal. And Ford has everything that it would take to make the current Karma a viable, successful product - VAST technical resources, ample financial resources, a great dealer network, a global audience, and a real need for a high-tech luxury halo car.

Lincoln Motor Company needs to be a cutting-edge, sexy, top-tier brand that showcases Ford's technology. People will aspire to own a Lincoln again, and since the technology WILL make it to the rest of Ford's lineup before too long, what's on the new Lincoln will still remain relevant to the people that can't afford one.

I only wish I had the artistic skills to take the Karma and restyle it as a Lincoln. Something that calls upon Lincolns of the past, without being retro. Restrained, sexy, smooth. I think there's a lot of potential there.

You wouldn't even need to keep the Fisker's extended range hybrid system in there. You could wedge a Coyota or a Boss V8 in there and call it a day. For that matter, if you were a Lincoln exec and you were feeling crazy, would you not love to open the hood of your Lincoln-rebodied Fisker and find a 6.7 liter Power Stroke turbodiesel? Reviewers wouldn't moan about the loss of the electric motors when they had 800 lb-ft of diesel torque to play with.

And for that matter, a merger could work! I mean, look at all of the new Packards and AMCs and Rovers we're driving around in today. Fisker/Lincoln is gonna be the next big thing.


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