This Is Jimmy Fallon's Boring Twitter-Sourced Lincoln Super Bowl Ad

A little while back, Lincoln relaunched itself by adding the words "Motor Company" to its name, sending people out for test drives that include a free dinner, and getting Jimmy Fallon to make a Twitter-sourced Super Bowl ad that was guaranteed to make the brand about 34 percent hipper.


Suggestions for the ad were submitted on Twitter (hip) using the hashtag (hip) #SteerTheScript. People suggested ironic and crazy things (hip) to tell the story of the Lincoln Motor Company (not hip). We tried to hijack the campaign so the commercial would at least be entertaining. Seeing the final product, perhaps we succeeded?

The end result is 1:30 of total nonsense that tells us absolutely nothing about the Lincoln Motor Company. Actually, maybe the lack of focus and the need to crowd source ideas tell us more about the Lincoln Motor Company than Ford already knows.

It ends with the tagline "this was a story that started with you, because luxury always should." Unfortunately, the "yous" that wrote that commercial probably aren't the "yous" that will be buying a Lincoln.


Close your eyes and listen to the ad. Now tell me what's the ad for? Tweet was mentioned it an ad for Twitter? For Alpacas? Turtles? The leather PhD program at the University of Phoenix?

Now open your eyes and watch the commercial again, Lincoln is on the screen for less and two seconds. The badges on the car are hardly visible. Tell me again, what's the ad for? The Son's of Anarchy spin off on HBO's "Taxi Cab Confessions"? Wil Wheaton's new film? A re-hash of Run's House on MTV?

The car isn't bad; the ad however, is.