COTD: Sparring with Nibbles edition

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Some of you may have noticed that Nibbles had a Nebuchadnezzar-sized case of the Mondays in the comments section today. His bloodlust appears to have been sated for the moment, and we hope things improve tomorrow before we have to run back to Petsmart for more feline fuel. Of those who made it past, PS9 did the service of putting to words best what many felt after Jeremy Clarkson's Forza4 preview:

He's right.

I hate to admit it, but he's right. Too many people out there won't ever dream of getting a manual. Why should they when the car will choose gears for them while they sip their big gulps? V8 power? Turbos? Do you know what gas costs these days son? No way, I'll stick to my Prius, thanks. Burnouts are pointless and strip thousands of miles off otherwise perfectly good tires. You can't really drive the way you'd like what with the health and safties people clamping down on speed limits and what not. Performance cars can't be as reliable as hondas and corollas, since pushing the components to the edge causes them to fail more often. Cars once captured the heart and soul of this nation and all its aspirations, but between the bailouts, the ripoff mechanics, and the skyrocketing cost of gas, they are today more often than not seen as more trouble then they are worth. And that's just sad.


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Congratulations, Mr. PS9, on today's COTD! I would like to gift you with a beautiful, classic Corvette in which you can do pointless burnouts. This lovely lady, who is not pointless, will deliver it to you in a few days. Good job!