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COTD: Momma Got Cancer In Her Breast Edition

Classic though it may be, Biggie's "Things Done Changed" doesn't really address cars. Thankfully, we have our readers for that one.


While we were drooling over the top-mounted exhausts on the Porsche 918, willyolio stood up for engineering in the face of common disapproval.

Ah, to everyone saying "I don't like the fact that it's a hybrid"... I'm glad you're not engineers.

Plain old average joes think hybrids = low performance, thanks to the Prius. Kind of like how people think salads = healthiness. There is such a thing as eating too many salads and unhealthy salads, you know. Shortcut thinking = no innovation.

Hybrid drivetrains are just another form of tech. they increase performance while lowering fuel consumption. Just because Toyota's only been using it to "boost" an 80HP engine to 100HP of performance doesn't mean the tech couldn't be used to boost a 600HP engine to 700.

Thank you, Porsche, for exploring all applications to a technology. My god, imagine if all cars had to be made of steel only, because aluminum is for pop cans. Or no air conditioning, because cooling technology is for refrigerators. Or no GPS, because that shit's only for hikers. Or massaging seats, because vibrators are only for phones and dildos.

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What in the hell does this very good COTD have to do with breast cancer? Some folks—myself among them—find cancer an extraordinarily unwelcome topic.