COTD: LOLCats Edition

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Right now, America continues to deplete the massive Ogallala Aquifer under the Midwest. Unlike the water basin that supplies about 30% of this nation's water for irrigation, the humor of cats on the internet will never run dry.


We heard today about the kitten that got stuck in a Jeep bumper for 100 miles. Well, we all chipped in with our own stories of cats and cars. You should really go and read all the threads, but I just wanted to highlight one here, by InNeedOfBoost.

I used to work at a Jiffy Lube in Houston a while back. We had a lady pull into our shop in a Suburban saying she heard mewing as well. We listened around and could night find or hear anything. We figured she was hearing things, but as she fired her truck back up, we heard it clear as day, but it would randomly stop. After tapping on some under carriage parts...we finally got it to make more noise and pinpoint where it was. The little bastard got stuck between the gas tank and body of the car. We figured just lower the tank a little and pull it out, but turns out she had a full tank...a full 25+ gallon tank. We got her tank positioned over our floor lift and raised it till it touched the tank then loosened it a lowered the lift slowly.

Thanks to the short fuel lines, we couldn't get it that low, so one of my co-workers slid his arm in there where the kitten decided to latch onto his arm and began biting him and clawing him repeatedly. After hearing a mix of cat hissing/mewing and my coworker scream for his life, he flung it off and I caught it by throwing an empty oil case box over it. The guy who was attacked called his girlfriend who worked at a vet to come get the demonic kitten out of our shop!

Good times!

Now go share your own cat/car stories in Kinja below. I have a story about a Lotus Europa I've been meaning to tell.

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this is the best I can do. We found a stray kitten that stayed with us for a while that we named "Paul" after this.