COTD: Leaving New York edition

Auto shows have a lot in common with a mock-up of a Formula One car; they're both a promise of excitement rather than the actual experience. This year's New York show had its share of craziness, but for all the models we did see our post on a tiger-carrying Land Rover gave Stöke the idea for one vehicle we'd pay to see:

And you thought the Range Rover Overfinch Holland & Holland had an awesome cargo space upgrade. Alcohol and rifles? Pish posh, old chap.

The modern big-game huntsman demands more - the 2011 Land Rover Defender Grundlethwaite & Westfall Amur Tiger Edition. Complete with remote-actuated release door and feeding tube for your lordship's own endangered Panthera tigris altaica, this magnificent conveyance will transport well-heeled passengers and 600-lb trained hunting cats in equal comfort and style. Remote-actuated release door eliminates potential for accidental maulings and provides for outstanding exit speeds. Rear seat refrigerator/armrest provides enough storage space to chill two bottles of Krug Clos du Mesnil 1995 for occupants, as well as a few small cuts of raw venison as hors d'ouvres for hunting animal.

Supremely supple Howe leather has been specified by Grundlethwaite & Westfall's highly qualified upholsterers for its unmatched feel and durability, as well as a uniquely unspoilt animal aroma known to incite certain tiger breeds into kill-frenzy. Scotch-gard leather treatment is optional and recommended for owners whose tigers are known to drool when anticipating a meal.

Also available with Bang & Olufsen stereo and cargo area DVD package - useful for showing video of striding gazelles to excite your Amur for the hunt, or slideshows from as post-kill reward.

Tiger not included.


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