Yes, that's a tiger jumping out of a Land Rover

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This is a rescued Amur Tiger being released after it was freed from a poacher's snare. How do you release a scared tiger back into the woods? With a Land Rover and a lot of precision.


The Amur Tiger is an endangered species, with roughly 400-to-500 of the creatures left in Russia and an unknown amount left in China and North Korea. There are even fewer of the Amur Leopards remaining in the same area, though there are approximately 300 in zoos across the world.

Though hunting the tigers is illegal, the rare creatures are sometimes caught in traps set for deer and other animals. Occasionally they're hunted outright for their skin. This guy found himself in such a trap and, as you can tell, was happy to be freed.

Photo Credit: Amur Leopard-Tiger Association



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