Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm starting to test the waters and look for a new set of wheels. Between some family stuff and weekend job requirements and a few other things (like an enthusiasm left to wait for far too long) it's about that time.

(For the record, we had the bed delivered. Long story.)

Thinking about a new ride is, big surprise, a major game with any number of issues to ponder. Beyond concerns about fuel mileage and insurance and something that fits my eccentric personality, my big issue has always been availability. What's out there? Who has a good tip on something? At what point do you just throw up your hands and settle on something hopeless, like my old Prelude?

I've got the luxury of time, so I can look and see if something good pops up. In the meantime I'll just keep my eyes open and pay attention to listings like BigSteveOkay's perfectly honest ad (really!) for a modified Civic:

Next on NPOCP, as seen on Columbus, OH Craigslist:

2004 Honda Civic HRE coupe, silver, 5-spd, 4cy, odometer broken =(

I'm selling my beloved Civic since I'm stuck under a rock and a hard place and need to get rid of the car ASAP. It's a custom Hard Rock Edition with lowered springs and rock hard clutch pedal, custom bumper and the mottled hood look.

The good: Famous Honda Reliability! Silver paint is pristine in back, stock rear end but has unlimited customization potential up front.

The bad: Price has dropped because a spate of bad luck kinda fell into my lap. Radio does not work, front windshield has rock chip. Couldn't get it to start the other day. Paint is chipped as well

Accepting offers, no low-ballers please. $1500 obo

Photo Credit: Ian Lamont