COTD: If Mom Wrote Pace Notes Edition

Today we asked if you would drive a rally car with your mom as the co-driver. Reader McMike came up with an idea of what the pace notes would look like.


We would like to leave you on this fine weekend with another note from JalopenoStu, this time about Connor's Day, one last car show for the 11-year-old with weeks to live.

This warms the cockles of my cold heart. To many times I go through the day feeling and seeing no compassion or empathy to those that surround me. Moving through life in my own little emotionless bubble, frustrated during the commutes by all the idiots looking at their little electronic devises and feeling smug because at least I'm paying attention to the road. Looking down on idiot commenters who espouse blatant autoxenophbia and the like. Moments like these, the compassion and empathy shown to someone fragile who is not known to them remind me that people and individuals matter. I cannot be there for Connor but if I could I would. What I will do is appreciate today a little more, try to find the compassion and empathy that I feel I've lost in today's high speed more, more, more world, and perform at least three random acts of kindness in Connors name.

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