COTD: Escape From New York Edition

Isaac Hayes' character in Escape From New York was far from positive, but you root for him from the moment he comes onscreen. Why? Chandeliers.

Yes, Isaac Hayes put chandeliers on the front of his '77 Fleetwood Brougham. It is the most pimptastic customization ever fitted to a car. It was such quality, you didn't care he was the bad guy.


Much in the same way, we didn't care if Julian Assange is the good guy or the bad guy in this whole London/Ecuador asylum thing, so long as there's a totally badass chase to the airport.

We all had some outstanding ideas on how Assange should flee, so we put a few together.


He just needs to do it Saigon-style.

Take a helicopter to Shaftesbury and find a theatre showing Miss Saigon. The authorities won't want to be mistaken for wasting taxpayer money or being homosexual, so they'll wait several blocks away. Then he can sneak out the back to Charing Cross station and high-tail it to Gatwick before curtain call.



Better still, I think we should get 10,000 Assange dopplegangers to storm out of that place and just run for dear life. The real Assange would have a prearranged destination where he will be picked up by helicopter. In the helicopter, they will shave his hair and eyebrows, give him a new Ecuadorian passport with a new name and identity, and drop him off at Waterloo station. There, he takes the Eurostar Chunnel Train to Brussels. Once in Brussels, he can get on a normal passenger jet to Morocco, assuming they have connecting flights. Take a one-way flight to Ecuador. Boom.



What, the Ecuadorians don't have emergency jet-packs? That's some Model UN-league shit right there.


Remember to put your best escape strategies in today's QOTD. The weirder, the better.


Photo Credit: Escape From New York/IMCDB

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