Which Car Should Julian Assange Use To Escape London?

Julian Assange may have to go on a madcap car chase through London escaping the UK from the Ecuadorian Embassy to the airport. Which car should he go in?


We would send over an M5. It looks pretty much like the diplomatic 5er that's already outside the embassy, so one car could go off as a dummy and draw off attention while Assange in the M-car powerslides to safety. Plus it has Ronin cred.

Obviously it would be an amazing PR move if one company sent a new car over to the embassy to save the Wikileaks founder (for a percentage of the population that probably can't afford one). Which car would be perfect for the job?

If you don't like Julian Assange just change "Assange" to "Chuck Norris."

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Photo Credit: Alexandre Prévot

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