COTD: Don Draper Edition

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Advertising is in many ways the cultural vernacular of this age. We live our lives through brands and their associated imagery, we use ad taglines as everyday speech emphasis, we even celebrate the cult of creativity that goes into simply selling a product.

It's all psychology. It's the interpretation of our surroundings in a consumer world, the way that want and need is so readily and steadily confused. Go find the surveys that show how many commercials a kid sees before setting foot in a classroom. This is, in many ways and seemingly more so every day, the state of modern society.

So there is absolutely zero surprise in how the presence of one consumer product explodes into a free-association binge among a flock of commenters:



This is certainly Tidings of good Cheer to the manufacturer.


It ushers in a new Era in product placement. It's the Dawn of a new age.

nibby4WD (slightly late):

Dawn of a new day.

The Hawkeye Geek:

With a little Xtra effort, you can Wisk away All that oil and not have to resort to using your Arm and Hammer to pound out the mess. Then you can Bounce up and down with Joy while you Surf to the finish line.


$kaycog (to ThirdPedalGirl):

We All like to see a Fresh Start of a new age.

$kaycog (to The Hawkeye Geek):

With that comment, you will certainly Gain my respect.


Shout it from the rooftops!

$kaycog (to zerobandwidth):

That's an Ultra cool comment!

Torgen is stealing that old man's diamonds!:

Blah blah blah Sunlight.

$kaycog (to Torgen is stealing that old man's diamonds!):

Haha! I get your Dreft.

Photo Credit: AMC