Did you know you can buy cars at Costco? You can, and they don’t even seem to be in huge 48-packs. In fact, one of the cars you seem to be able to buy is a 2017 Chevy Bolt, which is interesting because the new Chevy electric car isn’t available on Chevy’s own site yet. Whoops.

You can’t actually find the Bolt in any of the normal menus on Costco’s site, but this link will take you right to the Bolt’s configure and price page. Enter your zip code and the Bolt configurator will be the first thing that comes up.


As we knew, the Bolt starts at $35,155 ($37,495 MSRP) in its base LT trim, and goes up to $39,269 ($41,780 MSRP) for the Premier trim. That’s right about what a Tesla Model 3 costs, with the Bolt having the added benefit of actually being available in the near-current reality.


One detail I especially like seeing on here is the “1 speed” transmission. It’s auto for now, but hopefully eventually they’ll offer a Bolt RS that has a manual 1-speed transmission, with an I-pattern shifter.

You can see all the car’s specs and dimensions here, most of which we knew already (200 HP, 266 lb-ft/190 Nrp) of torque. But did we know that the trunk volume is 16.9 cubic feet? Or that the front hip room is 51.6 inches? I don’t think we did.


The important stuff like the Bolt’s electric range and MPGe are listed as well, with the overall range given at 238, like we’ve heard, and a combined MPGe of 119.


So, if you really want a Bolt, and just can’t wait for Chevy to put the price and configure tools on their website, feel free to try it out over at Costco until they realize what’s going on and have to take it down before some poor Costco bastard has to make an uncomfortable phone call to Chevy.

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